How great minds think: Creativity in Life

It’s about Life

What is Creativida?

Creativida is to pass the wisdom about life to the next generation. It focuses on building a network of creative people in different fields, which extends from business, art, sports and education.” We have got a variety of tools to live freely. You no longer have work in an office. You can travel to wherever you want. You can communicate with whomever you like. Schools and media will only tell you what they want you to know, but they will never tell you how to create your own life. I interview great minds around the world, so that I can share the great lessons about life with you. 

Masaaki Hasegawa, founder of Creativida
Masaaki Hasegawa, founder of Creativida

This is Masaaki Hasegawa, founder of Creativida. he an entrepreneur, author, fighter, traveler, and philosopher. To facilitate people to expand their creative minds, he has founded Third Vision. For more people to unleash their creativity, H wrote 2 books. The first is ”Yes Progressive”, a book that allows you to learn about methodologies, and secondly “Creativity is Dead-Rebirth of Creativity-”(Mar 2015) is to make a paradigm shift in the perception of creativity. To lead people to be aware of the importance of creativity, he make public speeches to persuade them. he spoke at the FITC, which is one of the greatest creative conferences. In addition, he had participated at the White Bull, which is the most prestigious startup conference in Europe. Also, he gave a presentations at IE Business School. Read more…


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