ADA Storage Disbility Products

What are the ADA guidelines for the self storage industry?

ADA Storage Disability Products
ADA Storage Disability Products

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits  from discriminating against individuals with disabilities, if you have any storage facility, check this web site for their Storage Disability kits. This is good for any storage facility.

To view the storage facilities kits, go to  for today’s self storage owner  ADA’s scoping requirements. They provide a kit that is easy to install in your facility . New by ALC Construction

ALC Construction ADA Access Ramp

ADA Compliance travelALC Construction ADA Compliance Access Ramp.

ALC Construction ADA ramp has 4 landings, one at the bottom, one at the top and 2 intermediate. All landing have 5′ clearance for change of direction and a slope less the 2% in every directions. The slope in between landing is under 8.3% in the direction of travel with a cross slope of les than 2%. A continues handrail was install with P on top and bottom of 12″ min.ALC Construction

How great minds think: Creativity in Life

It’s about Life

What is Creativida?

Creativida is to pass the wisdom about life to the next generation. It focuses on building a network of creative people in different fields, which extends from business, art, sports and education.” We have got a variety of tools to live freely. You no longer have work in an office. You can travel to wherever you want. You can communicate with whomever you like. Schools and media will only tell you what they want you to know, but they will never tell you how to create your own life. I interview great minds around the world, so that I can share the great lessons about life with you. 

Masaaki Hasegawa, founder of Creativida
Masaaki Hasegawa, founder of Creativida

This is Masaaki Hasegawa, founder of Creativida. he an entrepreneur, author, fighter, traveler, and philosopher. To facilitate people to expand their creative minds, he has founded Third Vision. For more people to unleash their creativity, H wrote 2 books. The first is ”Yes Progressive”, a book that allows you to learn about methodologies, and secondly “Creativity is Dead-Rebirth of Creativity-”(Mar 2015) is to make a paradigm shift in the perception of creativity. To lead people to be aware of the importance of creativity, he make public speeches to persuade them. he spoke at the FITC, which is one of the greatest creative conferences. In addition, he had participated at the White Bull, which is the most prestigious startup conference in Europe. Also, he gave a presentations at IE Business School. Read more…


How they work at

ADA Compliance travel

The independent traveller using a wheelchair, or the tourist with limited sight, is facing challenges. He wants to travel the world, visit the highlights, book a flight with an airline and find great deals online for his favorite hotel. Without being dependent or being stopped by stairways, small bathrooms or other discomfort. But wait, where can you find information about accessible tourism that is reliable?The huge rainforest of websites offering information on accessible travel is just too large to visit. We offer a place where you find your favorite accessible hotel. One big lobby to lounge and many many rooms to chose. news brought by  by ALC Construction Read More How it works.

Workshop offers businesses ADA compliance advice

ADA Compliance Specialist
ALC Construction, llc | ADA Spcialist

During a workshop on Tuesday, roughly 20 people learned how businesses can avoid lawsuits that claim they violated accessibility laws for people with disabilities.

Hosted by the Valley Economic Alliance and California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, the workshop was part of a roughly yearlong effort to get businesses and restaurants compliant with accessibility laws as Glendale and surrounding cities gear up to host athletes participating in the Special Olympics World Summer Games, said Michael Hadley of the Valley Economic Alliance.Read more…

Town Creek dog park now open

ALC Construction
ADA Compliance

Canines looking to fetch tennis balls, run through the grass at top speeds and wrestle with other four-legged friends, all free from the confines of a leash, can now do so at a second public park in Auburn.

A new dog park at Auburn’s Town Creek Park off South Gay Street opened on April 21, and all dogs and their owners are invited to enjoy the outdoors in a dog-friendly environment.

The park is located to the right of the restrooms inside the existing green space at Town Creek along the tree line. At 200 feet by 50 feet, it is slightly smaller than the dog park at Kiesel Park off Chadwick Lane, the only other designated dog park in the city. News by ALC Construction

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