Don’t forget 2010 ADA Compliance

Don’t forget 2010 ADA Compliance

As of March 15, 2012 all public parks, hotels, country clubs, universities, restaurants, and even condominiums must comply with far-reaching 2010 ADA Standards.

As per the Department of Justice “effective March 15, 2012, all new construction must comply with 2010 Standards”

To make it easy on you, M1 Construction, Inc. ADA Compliance contractor specialist will work with you to make sure all your new construction Comply with the new 2010 ADA Compliance rules and standards.

ADA Compliance - ADA Curb Ramp
ADA Curb Ramp

2010 ADA Standard set  all the minimum requirement for newly design, constructed or altered State, public or commercial facilities to be compliant and accessible to and usable by individuals with desabilities.

M1 Construction, Inc. has a great track record and history with American Disabilities Act  Compliance for State and Commercial building. From the most complex Curb ramp, handrail, Asphalt work, Striping, signage, interior  bathroom, Parking to concrete, M1 can make your facilities Compliant with complet report sign and approve by ADA Compliance certified professional.

Curb Ramp Detail
Curb Ramp Detail

Slopes of curb ramps shall comply with Curb ramp detail drawing. The slope shall be measured as shown in. Transitions from ramps to walks, gutters, or streets shall be flush and free of abrupt changes. Maximum slopes of adjoining gutters, road surface immediately adjacent to the curb ramp, or accessible route shall not exceed 1:20.
The minimum width of a curb ramp shall be 36 in (915 mm), exclusive of flared sides.
If a curb ramp is located where pedestrians must walk across the ramp, or where it is not protected by handrails or guardrails, it shall have flared sides; the maximum slope of the flare shall be 1:10. Curb ramps with returned curbs may be used where pedestrians would not normally walk across the ramp.

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