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ADA Compliance Specialist
ALC Construction, llc

ALC Construction, llc a Construction Management Company based in Woodland hills, California employees have a long experience in ADA Compliance. From Macy’s to shopping mall ADA Compliance ALC Construction, llc employees have been working on many ADA Compliance with ADA Specialist delivering a full ADA report at completion of the work.   ALC Construction, llc. Specialist team of builder will take care of stripping, asphalt, path of travel, parking, bathroom, interior or exterior work within ADA regulations. This Construction Management Company will handle you ADA project from A to Z. American with Disabilies Act is a must for business owner today. Our team will assist you in making your building, parking and facilities compliant with ADA standard. Call ALC Construction, llc. today at 818-224-3430 for all you ADA needs.

Coast RTA renovations help make terminal, center office more ADA Compliance

ALC Construction, llc.
ALC Construction, llc. a management Construction Company ADA Compliance News

CONWAY — Nearly $450,000 in renovations are being made to the Coast RTA main terminal, including an effort to get the older building compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

ADA compliance costs challenge San Luis Obispo County pool owners

ADA compliance costs challenge San Luis Obispo County pool owners


ADA Compliance Pool
ADA Compliance Pool

San Luis Obispo Tribune

31 under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The costs of compliance can be steep for hoteliers, schools and others. By Tribune staff and wire reports Federal laws designed to improve access to public swimming pools and spas for people with

ADA complaints in San Francisco cause legal headaches for businesses

ADA complaints in San Francisco cause legal headaches for businesses

ADA Compliance
ADA Compliance

San Francisco Examiner

Board of Supervisors President David Chiu has introduced legislation that would require landlords to make ground-floor entrances and exits compliant with ADA regulations, and mandate that landlords inform tenants of compliance obligations.

Don’t forget 2010 ADA Compliance

Don’t forget 2010 ADA Compliance

As of March 15, 2012 all public parks, hotels, country clubs, universities, restaurants, and even condominiums must comply with far-reaching 2010 ADA Standards.

As per the Department of Justice “effective March 15, 2012, all new construction must comply with 2010 Standards”

To make it easy on you, M1 Construction, Inc. ADA Compliance contractor specialist will work with you to make sure all your new construction Comply with the new 2010 ADA Compliance rules and standards.

ADA Compliance - ADA Curb Ramp
ADA Curb Ramp

2010 ADA Standard set  all the minimum requirement for newly design, constructed or altered State, public or commercial facilities to be compliant and accessible to and usable by individuals with desabilities.

M1 Construction, Inc. has a great track record and history with American Disabilities Act  Compliance for State and Commercial building. From the most complex Curb ramp, handrail, Asphalt work, Striping, signage, interior  bathroom, Parking to concrete, M1 can make your facilities Compliant with complet report sign and approve by ADA Compliance certified professional.

Curb Ramp Detail
Curb Ramp Detail

Slopes of curb ramps shall comply with Curb ramp detail drawing. The slope shall be measured as shown in. Transitions from ramps to walks, gutters, or streets shall be flush and free of abrupt changes. Maximum slopes of adjoining gutters, road surface immediately adjacent to the curb ramp, or accessible route shall not exceed 1:20.
The minimum width of a curb ramp shall be 36 in (915 mm), exclusive of flared sides.
If a curb ramp is located where pedestrians must walk across the ramp, or where it is not protected by handrails or guardrails, it shall have flared sides; the maximum slope of the flare shall be 1:10. Curb ramps with returned curbs may be used where pedestrians would not normally walk across the ramp.

OUR VIEW: Should feds step back from edge over pool rules?


OUR VIEW: Should feds step back from edge over pool rules?

Pool ADA Compliance
Pool ADA Compliance

Muncie Star Press

Some Indiana cities and towns with public swimming pools are scrambling to come up with money to make their facilities compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA has greatly opened up the access to buildings parks and other facilities

Town plans for ADA compliance in public spaces

Town plans for ADA compliance in public spaces
The Coloradoan
Main Park playground is not fully ADA compliant, but because other parks in Windsor offer compliant playgrounds, it’s not as pressing to fix Main Park. “When the playground equipment needs to be replaced, we will make certain it’s compliant at that …

U.S. may extend deadline for public pool accessibility

U.S. may extend deadline for public pool accessibility
Chillicothe Gazette
In January, the DOJ released technical standards that tell hotels how to make sure their pools comply with the ADA. The 2010 ADA standards did not specify whether mechanical pool lifts must be portable or “fixed” — permanently installed to the pool.

ADA-compliant Picnic Tables

ADAcompliant Picnic Tables

By CrLz

I had the fortune to work with the Friends of Kalamani & Lydgate Park assembling picnic tables for National Make a Difference Day and Earth Day. Their…

ADA Compliance Picnic Tables
ADA Compliance Picnic Tables

In time for summer, new public pool lift law goes into effect


In time for summer, new public pool lift law goes into effect

Valley Breeze

The regulations went into effect on March 15, but area pools are still on the hunt for affordable equipment that will keep them in compliance. Harvey Salvas, the state ADA coordinator and aformer Cumberland building official, said the regulations are




DOJ Extends ADA Compliance Date for Pools and Spas

DOJ Extends ADA Compliance Date for Pools and Spas

RegBlog (blog)

In a decision applauded yesterday by the US Small Business Administration, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recently pushed back to May 2012 the date by which owners or operators of pools and spas must comply with new disability accesss standards.

Delaying the Compliance Date for Swimming Pool Lift Requirements …

Delaying the Compliance Date for Swimming Pool Lift Requirements

By Tara Gorman

On March 15, 2012, the Attorney General signed a final rule extending the date for compliance with the ADA’s new accessibility to swimming pool requirements (e.g., pool lifts) sixty days to May 21, 2012. Shortly thereafter, the Department

Fed pool rules could cost Greeley $28000

Fed pool rules could cost Greeley $28000

Greeley Gazette

by Jack Minor – The city of Greeley is poised to spend up to $28000 to install wheelchair lifts at its pool facilities in order to comply with the Obama administration’s new interpretation of rules it issued two years ago. March 15 was the deadline for

Businesses to feel $8.5B price tag of revised disabilities regulations

Businesses to feel $8.5B price tag of revised disabilities regulations

Washington Business Journal – ‎Mar 9, 2012‎
Justice Department regulations intended to ensure equal access for people with disabilities at public places will cost businesses more than $8.5 billion — and more regulations are under way. This month, a slew of new rules associated with the Americans