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ALC Construction, llc a Construction Management Company based in Woodland hills, California employees have a long experience in ADA Compliance. From Macy’s to shopping mall ADA Compliance ALC Construction, llc employees have been working on many ADA Compliance with ADA Specialist delivering a full ADA report at completion of the work.   ALC Construction, llc. Specialist team of builder will take care of stripping, asphalt, path of travel, parking, bathroom, interior or exterior work within ADA regulations. This Construction Management Company will handle you ADA project from A to Z. American with Disabilies Act is a must for business owner today. Our team will assist you in making your building, parking and facilities compliant with ADA standard. Call ALC Construction, llc. today at 818-224-3430 for all you ADA needs.

Coast RTA renovations help make terminal, center office more ADA Compliance

ALC Construction, llc.
ALC Construction, llc. a management Construction Company ADA Compliance News

CONWAY — Nearly $450,000 in renovations are being made to the Coast RTA main terminal, including an effort to get the older building compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

MTA begins using tether straps on buses

MTA begins using tether straps on buses

MTA begins using tether straps on buses
MTA begins using tether straps on buses

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Disabled bus passengers have been thrown from their wheelchairs aboard Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) buses, and riders tell us their lives are at risk because some drivers can’t or won’t secure their wheelchairs. ABC7 Eyewitness News has conducted an exclusive two-month undercover investigation of the L.A. County MTA and its treatment of disabled bus passengers.

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Caught on tape: Wheelchair woes on MTA

Caught on tape: Wheelchair woes on MTA

2013-03-01 08_43_35-Caught on tape_ Wheelchair woes on MTA show some drivers not following regulatio

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A two-month ABC7 Eyewitness News undercover investigation of the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has uncovered widespread disregard for the rights of disabled bus riders.

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